Regis Saalfeld
Regis Saalfeld


Certified CrossFit Level 3 Trainer (CF-L3)

CrossFit Burgener Weightlifting Certification

CrossFit Gymnastics Certificate

CrossFit Running Workshop Certificate

CrossFit Spot The Flow Certificate

CrossFit Lesson Planning Certificate

CrossFit Programming Certificate

CrossFit 2018 thru 2024 Judges Certificate

Coach (CF-L3)

Regis Saalfeld

I am a Brazilian, undergraduate and postgraduate from the Federal University of Physical Education in Brazil and I am now a CrossFit Level 3 Trainer. With almost 20 years in the field, I specialize in exercise physiology and personal training and love to have fun in the big classes. "I see the CrossFit methodology as an excellent opportunity to generate autonomy throughout our lives and improve, not only our physical body, but also our mental, social, and spiritual aspects."
-Challenging ourselves together, in a safe trust environment is a beautiful way to grow.
-Favorite Quote: "Everything in life is a matter of relationship" Dr. Nicholas Romanov, The Pose Method
-Favorite Dessert: Biscuit Pie
-Favorite Humor: Dad Jokes
-Favorite Movement: Whatever needs a pulling, he we are!