Refer A Friend


Do you have friends and family who you think will be a great addition to the Aliso CrossFit family? If you'd like to refer someone to join our gym, we'll help you out by offering them a few special perks to nudge them in the right direction. Anyone who is referred by a current member of Aliso CrossFit will get a free one-on-one training session and fitness consultation to give them a great understanding of what we do and how we do it. If they decide they'd like to join, we'd like to give them $25 off of their next month's membership. And if they decide to join, as a HUGE "thank you" to you for adding to our crew, we'd also like to gift you $25 for your next month's membership. Simply fill out the form below with their name and info and we'll contact them with these perks on your behalf. Just give them a heads up that we'll be contacting them. Can't wait to meet them!